Loan Sharks Online UK

Loans sharks online in the uk should be avoided at all costs. Why?
Well, I remember reading a story about the trouble that loan sharks can cause. This was a heart-wrenching tale of how a mother lost her son to the clutches of a loan shark (who was not online).

Jack (anonymous name for privacy reasons) was a promising footballer and had trials with premiership clubs. He was actually signed up as an apprentice at a top flight UK Premiership football club, and was looking forward to a glittering career.

Unfortunately, Jack sustained a major leg injury while training at the club as an apprentice. After a while it became clear that the injury was not healing and any chance that Jack had of making it as a professional footballer were in tatters.

Jack returned to his home town to move back at home, his Premiership dreams in tatters. He started looking for work as his mum needed board money for his keep. He was really struggling to find a decent job, and given the recession, it became increasingly hard to get any job let alone a well paid one. Jack even turned to friends to borrow money, but when the loans could not be repaid, these friendships were history.

At this point, Jack had signed up on the dole, but he really was struggling to get the cash he needed to fund his lifestyle. Jack had a poor credit history as he had missed payments on his card and had a CCJ registered against his name, so banks and finance companies had already turned his numerous loan applications down. The few friends that he had remaining, had already mentioned the thought of using loans sharks online, but he just did not want to resort to these tactics.

By now Jack was frittering away the little benefit money he had on gambling and pot. He had reached such a low point and was feeling depressed, unwanted and worthless that drugs made him forget where he was and gave him a high, even if it was just a temporary fix. Jack needed rent money to pay to his mum, so he was constantly looking for sources of fast cash. Then one day, Jack saw one of his mates next to a brand new Ford pickup truck. He knew who was inside, it was Callum Frost (anonymous name), the local loan shark and the most feared man on their Estate. He plucked up courage and found himself drawn towards the loan shark. By the end of the night, Jack had the five hundred pounds he wanted. Of course, it didn’t last…

Two weeks flew by and Callum Frost was asking around for Jack. Jack had no money, but the loan shark was in no mood to negotiate. He growled: “I need £1000 in 2 days time, or I’m coming down your house to get your mam”
Jack was sweating with fear: “Ok, ok. I’ll get your money. No worries.”

Two days later, Jack still had no money and the loan shark was on the prowl again: “Where’s my money, son?”
Jack: “Sorry mate. I just haven’t got any. Things are tight. Please. Please don’t…”

Two weeks later, Jack’s body was found by an early morning dog walker floating in the local canal.

Avoid loan sharks, when there is the 100% legal alternative.